Juliet’s, your wedding planner in Mallorca

Confess: how many times have you imagined your wedding?

We like to say that we don’t create events, we write stories.
We have lost count as to how many love stories we have been privileged to have participated in.
Now, we want to help you tell your love story, with the same care and attention that characterizes us.
Juliet’s, we’re so much more than just wedding planners.
We create your story from the very beginning so that the only thing you have to worry
about is not eating too many delicious Spanish delicacies.
Located on the paradisiacal island of Mallorca, we put all of our energy to tell the most beautiful story ever told: yours.

Shall we start to write it?

We tell
unique stories

At Juliet’s we put all the magic, care and passion into creating a wedding as unique and as special as you.
We want to be part of your story so that day marks the beginning of the most important thing in your world.
We are eager to meet you and help you begin a new chapter of your life that marks the before and the after: your wedding. Because weddings, there are many but none will be more special than yours.

Are you going to give your wedding the story it deserves?

wedding trends

At Juliet’s we love to get out of our comfort zone and catch the best trends to create the best stories.
Therefore, when inspiration knocks on our door, we organize a very special photo shooting, to show you the latest trends in the bridal industry.
We always look for professionals that best adapt to our project in order to offer you the highest quality material.


Do you want to enjoy the wedding of your dreams in Mallorca?

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