Love Trends 3rd edition

Third edition

Love Trends Mallorca

From one of the most charismatic and other “underground” areas of our island comes a new chapter of Love Trends Mallorca, the annual Wedding Shooting organised and produced by Juliet’s.

Every wedding is a challenge, and we love challenges, so we always look for the crazy and fun side of each couple, what makes them special, and that’s what we wanted to transmit in this 3rd edition of Love Trends Mallorca.

Rock N’Love, can we define life like this? Moments of rush, that make us beat, vibrate and give our all, that excite us, that feed us with adrenaline as if we were parachuting and all this mixed with love to end up drinking our most powerful cocktail, the cocktail of life.

Two girls, Iliana and Belén were photographed by Sandra Mañas who captured the most emblematic moments, thus achieving a very natural reportage.

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The models put themselves in the hands of Elena Castrillo, who created the perfect MUAH for a bold and groundbreaking look for different brides.

Iliana wore a ponytail hairstyle braided at the front with 3 herringbone braids at the roots and metallic make-up in brown and gold tones, mascara and eyelashes to intensify the look and finished with blusher and lipstick in pink. As for the total look, we chose a bride in trousers, specifically the “Joplin” trousers inspired by the first female Rock and Roll star, Janis Lyn Joplin. We combined them with the Talassa top with a daring back, both by Otaduy, a Spanish firm that is committed to different brides and handmade. To complete the look, we couldn’t miss the “leather jacket” so characteristic of the Rock N’ Roll style and as accessories, black animal print sandals by Heymo, which gave an aggressive touch to the outfit and silver hoop earrings and matching bracelet by Ana’s Room.

For Belén we choose a simple dress like the Westbrook, also by Otaduy, which combines the lace of the bodice with the silk of the skirt and gives her a delicate air that breaks with her hair colour and her tattoos. For the MUAH Elena left her hair loose but worked to give movement to the ends, and a small updo of two braids of spikes on each side. As for the make-up, she chose green tones to contrast with the colour of her hair and highlight the colour of her eyes. Blusher in pink tones and the final touch, a burgundy lipstick. For accessories, she wore a bomber jacket by Eltanin (Otaduy) and black rhinestone sandals by Heymo.

3,2,1… The session focused on two locations, the first was at the Sailor Tattoo House tattoo studio in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood, one of the most attractive in the city. The decibels rise when we arrive at the second area in the periphery, under a bridge full of graffiti we parked the food truck Wanderlust and the girls with their electric guitar, a Marshall amplifier, Coca-Cola in hand and the best music offered us a session full of joy and a lot of Rock N’ Roll.

Iliana with a “RockN’Love” t-shirt personalised by Amart and Belén without letting go of her unbridled, daring bouquet, with a black bow of bulbs and flowers gave it all while the sunset was falling and the luminous LOVE sign was guiding them on their way.

And in your wedding, as in life, you have to be yourself, it shouldn’t matter what others think, but live and enjoy your big day to the fullest. Because in the end, as Bon Jovi sings: “It’s my life”.

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