Slow Wedding. Boho Story

Slow wedding

Boho Story

Mallorca, the island, the calm, the breeze, the light, the sea, the sunset, the wine with a kiss, the perfect place.

Perfect to stop time, because we are going to count stars instead of minutes, we are going to live life, we are going to live Mallorca, we are going to fall in love.

Because falling in love with this island is easy, not falling in love is almost impossible, and celebrating love is that simple: no rush, no protocol, just you and the magic. Just you and the island of calm.

The calm of walking barefoot, of holding hands, of reading while watching the sunset, of submerging and submerging, of searching, of finding, of feeling, of breathing and breathing deeply, of forgetting, of living… of living a SUMMER STORY, like the one we wanted to capture in this shooting in Mallorca: “Slow Wedding. Boho Story”.

We look for the best local suppliers, those who know the island well, who live it every day and feel it from the heart. Experts in handmade products, lovers of their work and their land.

Chris from ChrisP Photography was in charge of capturing those moments, of making them unforgettable, of seeing beyond the beautiful landscape. Photographing the island is an easy task because of its light and colour, but capturing the essence and transmitting it is a great challenge that he carried out to perfection.

And just as if it were a royal wedding, we looked for possible locations and shelters with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop. A small cove, hidden and empty, was the place chosen to start this session.

Asset 1@300-verde

The sweet and naughty Belén dressed up as a bride in a NO NOVIA dress created by Sunvibes, a handmade clothing and accessories firm in the heart of Palma. She wore a white cotton overlay dress with subtle transparencies and small ruffles as sleeves. Her hairstyle and make-up were totally natural, small waves that could well reflect an afternoon stroll along the seashore and a fine and delicate make-up were the ones chosen by Vannesa from Vannesa Make Up for this session. As an ideal complement, the crown of preserved flowers in powdered tones and wild feathers was hand-sewn by Joana of ArtJoana Tocados from her small hut workshop where peace reigns. The touch of colour was provided by Tinons Floristas, who from a small village on the island combine quality and good taste and create wonders like this bridal bouquet, with dahlias and romantic English roses, a mixture of wild and rocking. As for the jewellery, we look for love and simplicity in them, and we find pure art and poetry. From the neighbouring island, Sandra from Mamaplata Formentera works each of her pieces, with the imperfection that characterises something 100% handmade. For this occasion we chose some fine gold-plated earrings and several rings of different sizes to make ideal combinations.

Belén walks barefoot over the stones carrying her round carrycot with mustard pompoms designed by the Mallorcan MarMar, until she reaches the friendly David, the groom, who is casually dressed in beige trousers, white shirt, braces and Uomo parajita and waits seated next to the cliff while he plays some chords on his guitar, But they are not just any chords, they are his chords, the music of this story, which every time you listen to it will transport you to that cove, that day, that sunset, those slow kisses, that summer story that has become a story of years.

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