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your wedding coaching and adviser in Mallorca

Do you need a little push to discover how to create your wedding in Mallorca in an easy way? 
Are you lost on how to start organizing you wedding, or don’t have a clear idea on the budget? 
Are you overwhelmed by the preparations or unforeseen events that may arise?
A wedding is 100% emotion, we will help you manage them so you can enjoy them to the fullest. 

We’ll give you a hand (or two)!

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How to enjoy your wedding and

its preparations

Online or face-to-face

Tailored to your needs

From anywhere in the world

If what you want is to take care of the logistics and coordination of your wedding in Mallorca, but you have had many doubts to resolve, fears or insecurities we are with you. 

Our coaching service is designed to help you with the task of managing your wedding, so you can make the best decision with suppliers, answering questions or managing your emotions. 

We will be with you for as long as it takes to be able to shape and shed light on the task of designing your ideal wedding. 

We know that it’s difficult to face so many suppliers and not have clear priorities, so we have created a unique service in which we will reveal the secrets so that your wedding success is guaranteed and is a story with a they lived happily ever after.

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Marta & Jaime's wedding

Aina & Jaume's wedding

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Other services

Meet our most exclusive and complete service of wedding organization. It includes organization, decoration, coordination and much more.

Discover our most personal service and we shall answer all your questions.

Do you want a beautiful wedding in which there is no lack of detail? Are you missing ideas or do not know how to carry them out?

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