Portfolio of our weddings

in Mallorca

They already say it, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the photographs of our wedding celebrations in Mallorca are worth a thousand and more.

There is no better way to feel Juliet’s magic than seeing images of our work!

Weddings that make history!

It makes us happy to make that wedding you have dreamt so much about come true. We like each wedding to show the happy couple’s personal history and to make it personal so it reflects your personality. There are many styles of weddings, some romantic, some with a rustic feel, others more inclined towards elegance and there are always those that are out of the norm and are more original. How do you dream yours?

Here you will find those who have already started the new chapter in their life. Discover the experience of those who have decided to add some magic to their Mallorca wedding.


Rustic Weddings

Original Weddings

Romantic Weddings

Elegant Weddings

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