Alejandro & Lara's romantic autumn wedding

Alejandro was on the search to buy his first property and Lara was the real state agent that showed him the apartment that afternoon. Without knowing, he was purchasing the place that will become their home for the two of them… well, the three of them, because while in the wedding planning process they found out they were expecting a baby boy!

They announced their wedding as 'they biggest party of their life'

Lara & Alejandro announced their wedding as ‘the biggest party of their life’, because what they wanted to transmit that day was their happiness, to have lots of fun… that is why they have decided to have a daytime wedding, so they could take themost of the day and spent as much time as they could with all the guests, as some of they were coming from abroad.

The place chosen venue for the big day was a typical mallorquin finca where they held a civil wedding
surrounded by their loved ones
For the wedding styling, the choose a colour palette including colours as marsala, pink, tawny brown and other colours
inspired in the autumn.
The flower decoration was of great importance for Lara, that is why they were present in every corner: seating plan,
lemonade stand, and in her bridal bouquet, opulent and beautifully made.


The Juliet’s team has many virtues, but if there is one that stands out from the others is their transparency.
Vanesa and Neus convey confidence and that is key factor when you decide to hire a wedding planner to assist you and coordinate one of the most important days of your life.
Complete and total honesty when talking about the different estimates that the vendors present and lots – but lots! – of patience while guiding us in this crazy adventure that is getting married!
Thank you Juliet’s team!