Marga & Joan's full of

memories wedding

Half a lifetime together until the spark ignited. Marga and Joan had known each other for more than 13 years before they started their relationship. 

Their wedding was elegant because of the way the bride and groom are and different because of the place where it was held, a unique and exclusive space, where they don’t usually celebrate this kind of celebrations, but Marga had already made her communion in this cloister and it was clear to her that she wanted to celebrate her wedding there. 

It was an emotional wedding, in the church of her village, the same church where her parents got married, with family and lifelong friends, the bride and groom transmitted a lot of illusion and emotion when they remembered their maternal grandmother when Marga dedicated a few words to her during the banquet. 

Marga, who is a perfectionist of order and a lover of handicrafts, took care of thousands of details that made their wedding even more special, such as the sitting plan, the wedding ring holder or the details for the guests, which were little bottles of olive oil from the olive trees on Joan’s estate.

During the wedding they looked relaxed and happy, they transmitted happiness and that is the most important thing for a wedding to be a success.


We are very happy with the service provided by the Juet’s team, they are very professional,
and they think of everything and helped us to find everything we needed to make our dream wedding come true.