Keisy & Juan:

an original wedding

The Mediterranean has seen them getting married although their origins are from the Caribbean Sea. He from Venezuela and she from the Dominican Republic, but they met at a Halloween party and that night, which was meant to be the night of horror, there was more love than fear.

A wedding between the

Mediterranean and the Caribbean

Their wedding was very special, with a unique style that characterises them: fun & rock & roll, and celebrated in a majestic Mallorcan estate. They wanted to transmit what they are and how they are and they succeeded. They united their families, crossed oceans, and had an emotional, simple and natural wedding. Everything was thought out in detail, everything except the surprise to the bride’s sister-in-law that her husband asked her to marry him after the wedding dance… and as they say: ‘from one wedding comes another wedding’.

This is how two families not only came together to form one, but also the seas, cultures, the earth… all thanks to the love of a night of terror. 

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They are true professionals!
Their work, their empathy, their ideas, their sympathy and their disposition in everything is amazing.
We have no complaints whatsoever.
Without a doubt: if we were to get married again, we would trust them again.

Thank you!