Monica & Jaume

medieval-inspired wedding

Today’s couples are always looking for a unique place to celebrate their big day, and Mónica and Jaume were looking for an enchanted place.
We are happy to say we helped them to find the perfect one….

Like a fairy tale in an

enchanted forest

Monica and Jaume celebrated their wedding in a beautiful and charming estate, whose roots are linked to the history of the island. With this medieval inspiration as a backdrop, Monica and Jaume’s wedding was a very personal wedding, where the medieval and sentimental details made all the difference.

They amazed their guests with the inspiration of an enchanted forest, a place that looked like something out of a fairy tale or a Lord of the Rings book!
They armed themselves with ferns, moss, candles and wood carvings – and the magic was made!

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What can we say about our dear Juliet’s girls?
You have become part of our lives. After 20 months by our side, supporting us, giving us different opinions…  we can only say that the wedding went great and all the words of thanks and congratulations from the guests are also yours. Without your professionalism, opinions and advice it would not have turned out the way it did. You were right by our side that very important day: from the message to the bride at 10am to the last words of congratulations before going to rest before the big day, to putting everything in place and talking to the suppliers so that we didn’t have to worry about anything, just enjoying ourselves.
But you were not only there on that day. During the whole planning process as well: you accompanied us on the different visits to the venues, to talk to various suppliers, you put up with calls, messages and emails at even sometimes out of the working hours…
You are both great professionals and great people.

We are very happy to have counted on you and we hope to have the opportunity to continue doing so in the future.