Total Wedding,

the best service for the integral wedding organization in Mallorca.

Do you want a perfect wedding? Do you think the details make the difference?
With our ‘Total Wedding’ service we accompany you so you can enjoy 100% of your wedding. From beginning to end, with all the steps to follow in each moment so that you can enjoy the process of telling the story of your wedding in Mallorca.

Enjoy your wedding without any


With our ‘Total Wedding’ service we are by your side each step of the way so you can focus on what is really important to you and simply enjoy a great day. We take you by the hand from the first moment, until the end of your wedding day. For us, trust in us is key towards creating your dream wedding, so you will like to know that we are transparent and honest. We offer you what we believe is best for your story, always. 

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This service is for you if:

  • You dream of a perfect wedding
  • You need to avoid the stress of preparing a wedding from scratch
  • You have no knowledge of suppliers or know where to find them
  • You need time to yourselves
  • You don’t want to be searching for (or negotiation) with suppliers by yourself
  • You want to live in the moment of your wedding 100% and make the most of the possibilities we can create for you. You want to invest the wedding budget efficiently and have better cost control

What does the total wedding service


Here are all the details of our most exclusive plan:

  • Initial meeting where we will meet and discover what your wedding needs, your tastes and preferences.
  •  We design the wedding. A custom design with which you will feel participants. In addition, we will adapt to your tastes and budget.
  •  The perfect venue. We take out the map and look for the perfect place for the celebration. 
  •  Detail management. At this time, we focus on taking care of organizing those really important details. Appointments and meetings, makeup, beauty services, jewellery, catering, sweets and dessert tasting, transportation coordination. 
  •  Design & styling: A beautiful story, needs the perfect setting. We will put all our ideas and knowledge at your fingertips to create a perfect and tailored environment. 
  •  Ceremony protocol: The welcome, the placement of the guests, preparations… Everything will be in the best hands. 
  • Timing coordination of the wedding day to avoid unforeseen events and that everything goes as planned as we had prepared, as well as the service sheets of each of the suppliers and their respective meetings.
  •  Budget and payment spreadsheet so that you have full knowledge of the expenses and always know what is pending. 
  •  Online agenda of your wedding so you can see that each item has its allotted time, without stress, without hurry, but without hesitation. 
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