Rustic, rural and country weddings in Mallorca by Juliet's

The simplicity & beauty of a rustic wedding

In a rustic, rural country wedding, the protagonist is nature, the celebration must take place in an environment surrounded by pure character, which conveys that freedom, that simplicity and that tradition that we seek. The lace, the vaporous fabrics, the details of wood and the natural colours, green, stone and orange. The stationery and the guest’s assorted gifts also have to go according to this style. A card with a very vintage feel, handwritten for example, to give away some traditional local products or even a small gift made with your own hands. These are some of the essentials to make your wedding an ideal and perfect country wedding.

Do you want a rustic wedding? Let’s write your story from the beauty of the countryside!

Are you a lover of tradition and the countryside? Have you always dreamed of a different, rustic, rural, country wedding?
We are experts in creating dream weddings, and if your dream is as a rustic wedding in Mallorca, we are your wedding planners!

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